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Tablescaping ideas from the homeware experts

We love nothing more than hosting and ‘tablescaping’ is the trend that has elevated dinner parties to another level. Trying to make the most of the unpredictable weather, why not embrace the rain and move your BBQ indoors for a beautiful summer dinner party?

Looking at what actually is tablescaping, we start with where to start and the brands to know. Talking to our homeware buyers, here are the tablescaping ideas you are looking for...


What is tablescaping?

With a play on words, tablescaping is the art of dressing your table or shall we say landscaping your table. It is the process in which you create and consider how you are dressing your table, often heavily decorated with a mix of candles, crockery and flowers.

With our feeds full of beautiful indoor and outdoor table dressing inspiration, everyone is looking further than the mainstream brands to create their vision. Increasing demands for prints, colour, and glass treasures means keeping your eye out for the unique, niche, sustainable brands that take your tablescaping up a notch.

Tablescaping is the perfect way to set the mood and it's a instant wow moment for your guests. 

Tablescaping Ideas

One thing to remember is there are no rules but here are some pointers from the experts. An easy way to think about your colour and pattern is to come up with a theme depending on what food you are serving or the time of day it is. For example, if you are hosting afternoon tea you might want to consider plush colours and delicate prints. It’s like when choosing an outfit, only you are now choosing the outfit for your table.

tablescaping ideas

Embrace the clash of prints, mix and match stripes with florals giving it an enchanted feeling. Play around with different napkins, placemats and tablecloths that give you ample opportunity to go wild with bright colours and playful prints.

Consider different textiles, they will give it a softness that will grab your eye. Linens are always a great fabric for summer table dressing, giving it a neutral authentic aesthetic. Add blankets and cushions to your seating area to make it cosier and more inviting for your guests. Perfect for when the temperature drops if you are sitting outside or near your patio doors.

Tablescaping ideas

One of the most popular tablescapeing ideas is to add height to your table. This is an easy way to elevate the whole look and give your dinner party a grander feel. Candles are the perfect accessory to do this, find minimalist spiral candle holders or more vintage-inspired glassware to match your theme. You could gather a few together in an arrangement at each end of the table or pick a few of your favourites to have as a centrepiece.

Think about the details, the key to tablescaping is those extra details and considered accessories. A lot of people bring different things together from around their house, candle holders, dishes, vases and trinkets bringing their vision to life. Mixing objects from around your house makes it super personal and means you can reinvent the table every time you dress it.

An easy way to give it that beautiful edge is by using what’s in your garden. Adding some flowers, shrubbery or even twigs can make stunning centrepieces. You could even dress them up with lights or ornaments if you want extra details. Picking seasonal flowers is a great way to capture the time of year and mood of your dinner party.

Or, take tablescaping ideas from the pro, Kirthanaa Naidu and use fruit or veg to tie in your theme. We love her effortless tablescaping inspiration with whismical treasures and natural elements.


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