Interior inspiration from Berlin’s coolest apartments

Berlin's Coolest Apartments - grey and white interior

German blog Herz und Blut is full of inspiration, from fashion and food to travel and DIY. Our favourite part of the site though, is the ‘Homestorys’ section; a selection of home tours from some of Berlin’s coolest apartments. Germany’s coolest city, Berlin is a hub for artists, designers, and all-round creative types. Not to mention some of the incredible apartments we have been finding.

Bringing a different style aesthetic from other European cities, these Berlin apartments are minimalist, yet more eclectic and eccentric than the kind you typically find in Scandinavia. Walls are left with bare plaster or wallpaper is ripped off to show off what lies beneath, giving a raw and unfinished feel. Retro and modern furnishings sit side by side, fusing eras to result in something that is fresh and contemporary, while textures and prints are mixed to create a homely, less ‘styled’ interior.

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Berlin's Coolest Apartments - record player

Berlin's Coolest Apartments - bare plaster

Berlin's Coolest Apartments - retro interior

Berlin's Coolest Apartments - retro modern interior

Berlin's Coolest Apartments - minimal interior


Words by Angharad Jones. Images property of Jules Villbrandt

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