How to Achieve Artisanal Interior Design with Your Homeware

As we spend a little more time indoors, sprucing up our homes may be something of a priority rather than a novelty. Not only that, but we’ve migrated into a new season, meaning there’s no better time to give your interiors an update.

As much as we’re still big fans of minimalistic Scandinavian design, this season we’re seeing rustic artisanal homeware transform our homes into a Mediterranean dream. Think warm, sun stained colour palettes and raw textures. Here is everything you need to know to transform your home into an artisanal haven, afterall mi casa es su casa!

artisanal homeware

#1 What is artisanal interior design?

Artisanal interior design is simply creating a unique handcrafted aesthetic in your home. Whether that’s by your choice of furniture, textiles or accessories, the appeal of artisanal style is that each element of your interiors will have a story to tell.

Artisanal homeware can have a raw and unpolished feel which demonstrates the special care and craftsmanship behind the piece. Here are the things to look out for when choosing your artisanal homeware…

#2 Colour Palette

Nailing the colour palette is essential when picking your artisanal homeware and creating that rustic look. Sticking with warm golden colours and earthy browns in fabrics, decor and accessories will ensure that you achieve a golden hour glow. Choose from a selection of soft furnishing and accessories from Bloomingville in terracotta hues for instant bohemian ambiance.

#3 Accessories

Inspired by global eclecticism choose home accessories that envy the Mediterranean markets. Pieces with interesting textures and shapes will transform your home into an artisanal treasure trove. An easy way to achieve this is with the addition of vases and plant pots, swap your leafy house plants for fluffy pampas grass or cactuses for added aesthetic.

artisanal homeware vases and flowers


#4 Textures

Think raw textures that mimic the earth’s natural elements, from soft clay and untreated wood to tarnished finishes and marble. Choose textures that replicate natural surfaces and patterns to bring the outside in and give a collectors feel to your home. Opt for wicker and rattan furniture and unglossed finishes on pottery and stone rather than ceramics.

artisanal homeware candles


#5 Scent

For the ultimate artisanal feel, delight all of your senses with scents from around the world. Luxury candle maker Cire Trudon pride themselves on their storytelling ability. With Les Belles Matieres Madurai transporting us to rural India, and Les Belles Matieres Reggio inspired by the olive and citrus trees of Italy.


Words by Emma Bowkett

Emma Bowkett

Emma Bowkett

Writer and expert