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A Buyer’s Guide to Cire Trudon Candles

Not your run of the mill candle maker, Cire Trudon pride themselves on their storytelling abilities. Dating back to 1643, Claude Trudon became the owner of a little boutique in Pairs where he started his legacy in the candle making business. Recognised for being the biggest wax producing factory in France, Cire Trudon became well known for their bleached white beeswax candles. This made them very attractive to the churches of Paris, and subsequently became the provider for the Royal Court of Louis XIV as well as the Palace of Versailles.

Today, the French brand is a specialist in manufacturing perfumed candles and enlists very well known noses to create the perfumes used within their selection. Each candle is associated to a story relating to historical themes and famous patrons, from Josephine Bonaparte to the Palace of Versailles wooden floors. Whether you’re looking for a new scent for your home or the perfect gift for a loved one, our guide to Cire Trudon candles is here to help.



#1 Where are Cire Trudon candles made?

The production of Cire Trudon candles has remained within its French routes in northern France, Normandy where each candle is hand made. The success of the business is attributed to the sophisticated composition of the candle, from the highest quality wax to the hand-blown glass vessel which is made in Italy.

#2 How to maintain your Cire Trudon candle

All of our 270g Cire Trudon candles will burn for 60 hours, make sure you follow our tips to maximise candle performance.

  • Don’t extinguish the flame until the full surface has melted, as this will lead to uneven burning.
  • Keep the wick trimmed to 5mm, as this will increase the size of the flame and you’ll see smoke start to appear.
  • Leave one finger of wax in the glass once it has burnt down as this will avoid the glass getting to hot and exploding.
  • If the wick moves when the wax is melting, make sure you move it back to the centre to avoid uneven burning.
  • Use a snuffer to put out the flame to protect the scent.
  • Only ever burn Cire Trudon candles for two to three hours as you won’t experience any more scent after this amount of burning, and you’ll be wasting the candle.
Cire Trudon candle

Cire Trudon

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#3 Cire Trudon Candle Guide

Whether notes of sandalwood are more suited to your home, or you prefer more perfumed floral scents, Cire Trudon have the just the thing to create the perfect ambience for every room in your home. Coggles collection of Cire Trudon spans both the Classic and Limited Edition Les Belles Matieres selection. Take a look at our guide below for everything from head notes to history to help you decide which Cire Trudon candle is for your home.

Classic Candles

Cire Trudon Odalisque

Back in the 17th century, artists were particularly drawn to painting the Ottoman empire’s concubine’s or ‘odalisque’ which they romanticised through their art.  Inspired by the fascination with femininity, this floral fragrance blooms with the delicate scent of orange blossom, sweetened with just a drop of vanilla and freshened with lemon and juniper berries.  Perfectly balanced, Odalisque brings a touch of floral elegance and romance into your home.

Cire Trudon Spiritus Sancti

Inspired by the church, “Spiritus sanctus” is the Latin name for the holy spirit in Christianity. If burning incense and the scent of holy perfumed candles is to your taste, the Cire Trudon Spiritus Sancto candle is for you. With head notes of incense vapours and heart notes of Lily from the Valley you’ll feel connected and at peace with your spiritual side.

Cire Trudon Solis Rex

Cire Trudon Solis Rex classic candle takes influence from Louis XIV, an eccentric and majestic royal who reigned as the French King throughout 1643-1715. He instigated the construction of the beautifully constructed and magnificent piece of architecture that is the Palace of Versailles.  With base notes of cedarwood and incense and top notes of eucalyptus and orange the scent takes inspiration from the wooden parquetry flooring of Château de Versailles’s famous Hall of Mirrors. This regal perfume radiates vapours of wax, candelabra and the palace.

Cire Trudon Josephine

Empress Josephine Bonaparte, the first wife of Napoleon and passionate botanist, is the inspiration behind the scent of Cire Trudon’s Josephine. She bought the Rueil Malmaison castle in 1799, surrounded by beautiful landscapes she created a garden full of blossoming flowers to frame her castle. Josephine has head notes of citrussy bergamot, base notes of aromatic sandalwood and the floral heart notes of Chinese camellia, Egyptian jasmine, Turkish rose.

Cire Trudon Abd El Kader

If warming sweet vanilla scents are for your home, then the Cire Trudon’s Abd El Kader candle should be top of your list. With fruity head notes of apple, blackcurrant, ginger, lemon and mint layered on base notes of vanilla, it will create a welcoming and warming atmosphere to your room.

#4 Les Belles Matieres

Les Belles Matieres Madurai

Transporting us back to the scents of 1600’s India, where the Duke of Tuscany first bought Jasmine, the Les Belles Matieres Madurai candle is inspired by the beautiful temples of southern India. With head notes of ylang ylang , heart notes of sambac jasmine and base notes of benzoin resin.

Les Belles Matieres Reggio

Inspired by the olive and citrus trees of southern Italy, Reggio features head notes of acidulous grapefruit, heart notes of mandarin essential oils and base notes of mimosa. For soft citrus scents and the Mediterranean sea Les Belles Matieres Reggio is the candle for you.


Words by Emma Bowkett

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