DIY Wooden Coffee Table

hairpin leg table diy

There’s no doubt that we’re in an almost ‘trendless’ era in design, gravitating towards timeless pieces that evoke simplicity as well as luxury. Neutral colours and textures are having a monopoly over bold prints that will quickly age, while that sense of having a space devoid of the unnecessary and embracing slow living is becoming more and more covetable.

The best part of this timelessness is that it’s easy to incorporate in almost any space with the addition of one or two pieces. Sometimes those best additions to a room are the most simple, most unrefined and most…unexpected. This wood slice coffee table is one such piece. Using a large, thick Chinese wooden chopping board and hairpin legs, this DIY takes little to no time to put together – but the result is a small side table that looks and feels luxurious.

Using just three hairpin legs screwed into the bottom of the chopping board (or wooden block, if you prefer) this table only requires a few steps (and a low skill level). To see the full DIY, visit A Pair and a Spare.

wooden table diy

wooden table hairpin leg

diy wooden side table

Words by Angharad Jones. Images property of A Pair and a Spare

Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

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