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Recommended accessories brands for the new season

Elevating your outfit from great to truly head turning means accessorising. They are the exclamation mark, the full stop, the necessary finishing touches to every outfit. Just as vital for both style and functionality, updating your bag, jewellery and footwear as we transition into the new season should be high on your sartorial agenda. As Anna Wintour famously says ‘Fashion only goes one way - forward.’ This season there is a feel for modern, contemporary style handbags with accessory brands showcasing feminine, charismatic jewellery. From the angular high-style Coperni handbags to the eclectic new collection for men and women from A.P.C. these are the seasonal pieces to inspire you.


Ferragamo Handbag
Showcasing Italian style combined with Swiss craftsmanship Salvatore Ferragamo embraces a modern and futuristic personality. For AW 21 the collection plays on classic styles, elevated with a younger audience in mind, embracing the forward-thinking mindset of its founder Ferragamo. A favourite amongst A-listers the heritage brand continues to be linked to Hollywood originally know as the 'shoemaker of the stars.' The collection includes accessories for men and women with sophisticated handbags and wallets and timeless footwear that you could wear season after season.


Coperni Handbags
French, minimalist brand Coperni brings forth Parisian inspired ready-to-wear accessories. Creating intelligent, wearable, desirable pieces with an attention to detail Sebastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant create beautiful pieces with a notion of the future and new technologies. With an emphasis on material and structure, their handbags are unique and chic steering away from extravagance. A favourite amongst fashionistas such as and they provide the ultimate small bag of the season.


Jennifer Behr Accessories
Jennifer Behr is one of New Yorks most talked-about accessory brands with an ultra-feminine, super chic collection.  After completing her studies in sculpture and art history in 2005 her brand received early endorsements from Bergdorf Goodman and Henri Bendel and it wasn’t long before she became New York’s foremost atelier. Renowned for designing elaborate and custom headpieces for celebrities and fashion publications the collection bodes elegant heirlooms. With butterfly and pearl detailing these accessories encapture a timeless elegance and statement style for your wardrobe.


Shrimps Handbag

Shrimps delightful selection of accessories is the beaded brainchild of London based designer Hannah Weiland. Particularly known for their cruelty free fashion, everything from the brands faux fur ready-to-wear collections to their faux pearl accessories has been created with timeless design in mind. This season the inspiration behind the label's collection is all things Greek Mythology, from colour scheme to the lining and the set design at their AW19 runway show. The inspiration behind collections can come from anything that Hannah is inspired by, a piece of art, her honeymoon, absolutely anything. With each bag handmade in India and taking one week to complete it's clear that they are made to last a lifetime. The brand also has an impressive list of advocates, including IT girl's Alexa Chung and Pixie Geldoff.


Neous Handbag
NEOUS footwear and handbags twist the unbroken line of informed design to create sculptural forms. Vanissa Antonious’ style is minimalist but explores stringent functionality and feminine form. Handmade in Italy, by independent artisans through traditional handwork techniques, Neous is inspired by her childhood spent in Australia. Speaking of an understated value the collection emphasises the modern way we perceive luxury and style. Worn fabulously on and


A.P.C handbags

Known for their signature Parisian minimalist designs, A.P.C - Atelier de Production et de Création - has been a staple in the accessories category since it's creation in 1987. Originally catering for men only the brand quickly branched out to offer ready-to-wear and accessories for women, following the popularity of their clean shapes and prints with a female customer. The brand is particularly known for bridging the gap in the market between streetwear and luxury high fashion with a plethora of collaborations with big names such as Brain Dead and JJJJound. For timeless style this season, we're loving the cross body Lune bags.


Ganni handbags

Just as lust-worthy as their ready-to-wear collections, our Danish favourites Gannihave a selection of beautiful accessories to compliment our scandi-style. From matchy matchy scrunchies to leather boxy cross body bags the label are winning at the accessories game. Copenhagen based Ganni have risen in popularity in the past few years thanks to their quirky prints and impressive following of influencers including Emili Sindlevand Blanca Miró Scrimieri


The eponymous label Maison Margiela has taken the sartorial spotlight ever since it's birth in 1988 for it's creative and androgynous designs. The brand is a talking point for pushing boundaries with it's runway shows creating stand out fashion moments and haute couture designs all redefining the classic silhouette. This season, as well as their infamous Tabi boots, Maison Margiela have launched a selection of chunky sneakers, embodying the labels signature deconstructed style, to add a distinctive edge to your look.

Maison Margiela




Emma Bowkett
Emma Bowkett Writer and expert

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