In Conversation with Saks Potts

Destined for fashion success,  Saks Potts is a brand you need to know this season, especially ahead of the colder climates. Fuelled by the brain power of art and fashion graduates, Catherine Saks and Barbara Potts, the two friends behind the Copenhagen-based outerwear brand thrive off unusual patterns and playful colours. Worn by Lady Gaga, Gigi Hadid, Leandra Medine and more, Saks Potts is a luxurious brand, we at Coggles are curious and excited to learn more about…

Known to be ‘redefining’ Scandinavian fashion, what is it about Saks Potts that contrasts the typical fashion trends found in Copenhagen?

The typical Scandinavian way of dressing is defined by architectural clean cut garments in discreet dark colors. Our garments are neither discrete or dark but vibrant and colorful which we feel compliments the cold and dark winters we have in Copenhagen.


What three words would you use to best define Saks Potts as a brand and why?

Colorful, fun and surprising.

We try to be innovative in the way we think of clothes when designing our collections. We believe that fashion should be fun, so even though we are very serious about our brand, it is a high priority that going to work is enjoyable and that this should be reflected in our design.

We like to always do something unexpected to surprise our customers, whether it is by having a cool rockstar such as Sky Ferreira as our campaign model for a collection inspired by Princess Diana or by having real princess opening our show, as we did in August during Copenhagen Fashion Week with Princess Olympia of Greece – this is what makes our brand fun as well.


How did Saks Potts first get recognised?

It was during New York Fashion Week in February 2016 where Emily Weiss, Leandra Medine, Eva Chen and Pernille Teisbæk wore our Febbe coat and Vogue wrote an article solely about “The coat that took over New York Fashion Week”.

Where do you draw inspiration from for your designs?

We have a new theme for each collection that changes every season. For the collection you have in store now at Coggles, we were inspired by both the British aristocratic tea parties of the late 80’s and the most beloved icon of all time, Princess Diana; she was our ultimate muse for this collection.

In our past collections we have been inspired by everything from tourism to farmer life and the coming ‘Collection 10’, soon arriving at Coggles, is inspired by the winter Olympics.


What is your favourite piece from your collection here at Coggles?

We love the Yvonne coat that you have in animal print. It is perfect for this coming winter season as it keeps you warm and stylish at the same time.


Being a duo design pair, how do your personal styles and interests compliment your work? Are you both always in agreements over designs?

As we have known each other since kindergarten we know everything about each other; what we like and dislike, tastes and even how we think. Of course we can’t agree all the time but our disagreements tent to lead to a greater result in the end.


Do you have a Saks Potts muse?

Saks Potts have many muses that inspire us, but our muses tend to change with the themes of the collections.


Who would you love to see wearing your collection?

We would have loved to see Princess Diana wearing the collection we made for her, but we hope she would have liked it.


For a brand most famous for its outerwear, are you expecting to venture more into other garments, such as dresses, as we have seen in your AW18 collection?

Saks Potts is much more than outerwear and we do increase the amount of RTW pieces each season. We see it as a natural extension to our brand to add more and more product categories.

Since your founding year in 2013, Saks Potts has achieved so much, where do you see the brand leading in the future?

With Saks Potts you never know what is next and we like to keep it that way, but we have great hope of a continued success and expansion in the future.


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By Olivia Seed

Olivia Seed

Olivia Seed


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