Behind the Scenes at Tricker’s

One afternoon late last year the Coggles team took a day trip to Northampton to delve into the history held in the Tricker’s factory, the heart of the art of shoe making.

Tricker’s has been hand crafting shoes in Northampton since the company was founded by Joseph Barltrop in 1829. Since then, the brand has evolved to embrace contemporary styles but has stayed true to its roots with the handmade manufacturing process still in place to this day. With 70% of the brand’s output travelling globally, the brand is world renowned for creating some of the finest quality shoes in Britain.

There are over 250 processes involved in hand making a pair of Tricker’s shoes, take a tour with us and discover the art of shoe making.


A shoe box at the Tricker's factory.

Bespoke wooden lasts hanging up at the Tricker's factory.

The bespoke lasts for the Tricker’s customers who opt for handmade shoes to their exact specifications. We spotted Alan Partridge’s last while we were there, Jurassic Park.

A selection of shoe making tools at the Tricker's factory.

A selection of tools used to attach the leather upper of the shoe to the sole.

A sole being made at the Tricker's factory.

Preparing the sole before the shoe goes into production.

An old Signer sewing machine at the Tricker's factory.

Testing the stitching on a beautiful old Singer sewing machine.

Rolls of leather at the Tricker's factory.

Rolls and rolls of incredibly high quality leather, just waiting to be transformed into shoes.

A hammer and nails at the Tricker's factory.

Leather uppers hung up at the Tricker's factory.

The leather uppers lay in wait in a room designed to keep them supple, pumping steam into the air.

A box of different patterns for brogue detailing.

A selection of brogue detailing, these create the patterns commonly found on brogue shoes.

Cork being added to the bottoms of shoes at the Tricker's factory.

The space between the shoe and sole is filled with cork, a flexible and insulating material.

A pair of black Tricker's shoes.

A Tricker's shoe being polished.

The shoes are polished before they are boxed up and ready to be sent in the big wide world.

Boots being made at the Tricker's factory.

Boots being made at the Tricker's factory.

Words and images by Clare Potts

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