Introducing: Self-Portrait

Founded by former Creative Director of Three Floor; Han Chong was a CSM grad with huge dreams for creating the new occasionwear label to know back in 2013. Since its explosion on to the scene Self-Portrait has leapt from strength to strength as the brand to know for the ‘new age’ cocktail dress.

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Using texture as a tool, Chong states that the label is both intricate in design and forward thinking in materials. After moving away from Three Floor to pursue a more ‘uncompromised’ vision that remains affordable, innovative and trend provoked, he pursued his passion with ultimate success. His heavyweight dresses scream detail and precision, yet each closer look highlights another accenting colour or design imprint that mirrors key trends from the season.

Ranging from delicate yet traditionally inspired lace panelling to expressive fabric compositions combining sheer and metallic, Chong reiterates the importance of remaining at a mid-level price point, wanting his artistic take on occasionwear to stay at the forefront of the market whilst remaining accessible for everyone, season on season.

Words by Alexandra Neilson-Clark | Images courtesy of Self-Portrait

Alex Neilson-Clark

Alex Neilson-Clark

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