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An aged hand holding a wedding photograph from Humans of New York.

In 2010 Brandon Stanton started a small blog on Facebook, documenting the ‘real’ everyday people of NYC. That blog (which has since gained its own website) was called Humans of New York and alongside the images depicting realistic representations of the citizen was a heartfelt insight into their story; their lives, their worries, their aspirations and their relationship with the city.

humans of new york

Not focusing on one gender, age group, race or social class, Humans of New York has given us a unique and honest insight into the city that never sleeps over the past seven years, and the people who inhabit it. It was a blog unlike any other so it’s no surprise that it’s enjoyed the success that it has (two bestselling books off the back of it have since been published).

Humans of New York has now gone one step further with a 12-episode docuseries which, going back to the blog’s roots, is aired on HoNY’s Facebook page. Each episode is an extension of the images and stories that we’ve grown to love and crave more of, with footage from 1,200 interviews that Stanton filmed over four years.

humans of new york the series

Each Tuesday you can expect a new episode of Humans of New York: The Series. The first episode explores the notion of time, where we see a boy struggling to come to terms with his impending teenage years, a woman living with a terminal illness and a new mum learning to juggle work, school and motherhood. The second episode takes a lighter tack. Named ‘Star’ it looks at the talent, creativity and search for fame in the city.

To watch Humans of New York: The Series, visit the blog’s Facebook page. Visit the website here.

A woman sat on a bench holding a book from Humans of New York.

An old couple leaning against each other on a park bench from Humans of New York.

Words by Angharad Jones. Images property of Brandon Stanton.

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