The Jellyfish Barge Floating Greenhouse

The threat of over population is becoming a reality; it is estimated that the world population will grow to almost 10 billion over the next forty years, leaving the demand for food to be around 60% higher than it is today. With this in mind, alternative architectural solutions are sprouting up all over the world in order to conquer the issues before they begin.

The Jellyfish Barge floating on a river and lit up at night.

The Jellyfish Barge by Studiomobile is one such design, effectively a floating greenhouse, this modular design has been created for cultivating crops without the need for soil, fresh water or chemical energy. Utilising the natural distillation power of the sun, the Jellyfish Barge can transform salt or polluted water into fresh water using solar energy. The barges can function singularly or join together to create a stronger, resilient organism.

The fully automatic hydroponic system is incredibly efficient and can be used to grow almost any vegetables, it might not be long before we see these floating by.

To find out more, click here to visit the Studiomobile site.

A man and a woman stood inside the internal structure of the Jellyfish Barge.

A woman planting seedlings on the Jellyfish Barge.

The Jellyfish Barge floating on a river.

Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

Writer and expert