An Interview with Mira Manga of ECC100 Records

Launched in 2014, ECC100 Records is a label that celebrates all things vinyl, releasing new vinyl records of the finest quality. With some of the label’s acts playing at 2015’s Eroica Britannia, we spoke to Label Manager Mira Manga about her love for vinyl and the artists performing at the event.

Tell us a bit about ECC100

ECC100 is a vinyl record label that sprang to life with our first release in August 2014. Inspired by the golden era of music we harken back to a time when albums were eagerly anticipated, rushed straight home to the record player and listened to in one delicious sitting. A time when each and every element of the music, art, sleeve notes and lyrics were dissected, digested, discussed and enjoyed.

You’re involved in Eroica Britannia this year, what will you be doing with the festival?

We’re bringing along some of our acts to play, as well as acts from our sister label ECC Records and some musical friends!

What made you want to get involved and support the event?

We’re thrilled to be a part of Eroica this year as they understand the charms of the vintage lifestyle. They create a magical place where the simple luxury of leisure is revelled in and time seems to slow down for everyone’s enjoyment and rejuvenation. Vinyl now seems rather old fashioned and a ‘vintage’ medium, but the joy of it is the pleasure in stepping out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life to settle down and listen.

Your record label releases vinyl records – what is it about vinyl that you prefer over the new age of digital downloads?

We feel that music downloads suit our fast paced, internet driven lifestyle, but we also feel that it has made music more throwaway and disposable. We mourn the lost days of genre defining, scene smashing, anticipated and celebrated long play albums. We want them back!

You’re providing some bands for Eroica Britannia – can you tell us about them?

Our label ECC100 has quite an eclectic blend of acts from our indie wünderkind Life in Film and the dazzling fusion sounds of ‘the original sitar girl’ Sheema Mukherjee to the soft beats and heart stopping songs of One eskimO. ECC Records, our sister company boasts some of the best folk acts in the UK including the sublime Jackie Oates that you’ll see on the Saturday, Duotone on Sunday and folk hip hip poet Dizraeli in the Arts Tent on Friday!

We also invited the accomplished and awesome solo artists Martha Tilsdon, Locks and Ben Murray, close friends of our labels who have performed as part of our Lush endeavours and appear with many of our artists in different incarnations. We feel extremely lucky to work with such talented performers and we’re delighted to be able to share them with the Eroica festival goers.

What are you most looking forward to at the festival this year?

We’re looking forward to the glorious atmosphere, making new friends, and cheering the valiant bike riders on their way off and when they return!

Visit the ECC100 website to find out more about the label.

Image courtesy of ECC100. Words by Angharad Jones

Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

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