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On the edge of Oaxaca state lies Puerto Escondido, a surfer’s (and beach lover’s) paradise on Mexico’s Pacific coast. Mixing unspoilt nature with the charm of a traditional Mexican fishing port and a vibrant – yet unpretentious – arts and cultural scene, Puerto Escondido is the laid-back getaway that’s somewhat of a hidden gem.

Given the relaxed environment, slow pace of life and idyllic surroundings, one of the best ways to enjoy Puerto Escondido is to get completely away from it all. Casa Tiny is the ultimate retreat. The first offering from architect Aranza de Ariño, this beachside holiday home is made up of a kitchen, bathroom and mezzanine bedroom.

casa tiny kitchen

The architect took inspiration from Henry David Thoreau’s text Walden for this build, concentrating on creating a space that encouraged simple living in natural surroundings. The result is a compact (yet sturdy, to withstand the elements) house built from concrete, interspersed with the native parota wood used for doors, windows and shelves.

Sitting amongst the dense vegetation, Casa Tiny is a contemporary space that goes back to basics yet has style at its heart. Outside lies a sunken swimming pool and hammock grazing the trees, with a private beach and access to the nearby Hotel Escondido (complete with restaurant and spa) for those times when you want to get away from the house (which you probably won’t).

casa tiny swimming pool

Casa Wabi is also nearby – the artist’s retreat designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando – and is accessible for all Casa Tiny guests. Sitting right next to the beach, the raw concrete building juts out of the sand and is an impressive build that blends modern style with traditional building techniques.

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Words by Angharad Jones. Images via Airbnb

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