Trend: Modern Bohemia

Modern bohemia is fast becoming an emerging trend in the design world, perhaps as an antidote to the minimalist, Scandi-chic and industrialist interiors full of hardware and clean lines. Or perhaps fashion’s current obsession with the ‘70s has infiltrated into the home, getting us to look back at the decade and embrace it wholeheartedly (fondue, anyone?) Either way, this is an exciting trend with endless possibilities.

There are no ‘rules’ to this trend – think total creative freedom, colour (and lots of it), and an eclectic mix of pattern and textiles. But this isn’t quite the same as the mish-mash interiors typical of ‘70s bohemia, with garish colours and questionable carpets. Modern bohemian décor uses a blank canvas; white, neutral or bare walls and flooring are used to show off the colours and interesting objects around the room. Meanwhile, modern pieces and materials are interspersed throughout, creating a look that is stylish and modern rather than one that looks as though it’s stuck in the past.

Lots of objects in one place can look cluttered, but this room shows that sticking to shades of a few colours gives coherence to the space. Pale grey walls, wooden floorboards and a white fireplace add the necessary neutralising colours.

A cream mantlepiece covered with colourful ornaments from the modern bohemia trend.

Image via The New Bohemians. Property of Dabito.

Chinoiserie has always been a big part of Bohemian style, and an object such as this black cabinet is something really rare and interesting to have in the home. The exposed plaster gives a modern, slightly industrious feel to the room, creating the perfect contrast to the mix of prints, textures and objects.

An ornate black cabinet from the modern bohemia trend.

Image via The New Bohemians. Property of Dabito.

This space references Moroccan style, with a Berber rug, Moroccan bed, and colourful cushions and wallpaper. This is juxtaposed with modern elements such as abstract copper chairs and mixed metals.

A bed with colourful patterned pillows and sheets from the modern bohemia trend.

Image property of Laure Joliet

A true example that minimalism and bohemia can live together in harmony, this bedroom has all the elements of an eclectic style whilst still remaining simple. The plants, bedside tables and colourful bedspread create a bohemian vibe, while a white canvas and minimal objects give it a fresh, modern look.

A bed with a colourful bedspread from the modern bohemia trend.

Image via The New Bohemians. Property of Dabito.

Shelves don’t have to be boring. Here, books and magazines are organised into size and colour, and plants and objects are also displayed to add a touch of glamour and show personality. The space is also used to store cushions and blankets that look aesthetically pleasing.

Shelves with colourful ornaments on them from the modern bohemia trend.

Image property of Danae Horst

Words by Angharad Jones

Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

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