Introducing 4SDesigns by Angelo Urrutia

We want to introduce you to 4SDesigns, the prodigy from Angelo Urrutia, the fashion designer all designers look to. Well known for his career at Nepenthes and Engineered Garments which spanned nearly 20 years, he is regarded as a genius when it comes to fabric and unique constructions.

Setting up 4SDesigns in 2019, to combine American sportswear fit for European catwalks. Here’s everything you need to know and Angelo Urrutia and 4SDesigns

Who is Angelo Urrutia?

Angelo Urrutia is THE old-school New York designer who combines old money with the highest-quality streetwear. Describing Ralph Lauren as King, Urrutia doesn’t design your typical streetwear, he is a fashion encyclopedia and creates revolutionary structured clothing with an urban aesthetic.

In his earlier life, his mother, uncle and cousin fled from El Salvador, because of the civil war. His father was a desaparecido and was, unfortunately, never found. Their family home was bombed 3 days after they left. His mother carried him through Mexico, to Texas and then to New York where her sister lived. He moved around a lot as a child, living in every one of New York’s boroughs, but for the majority of his childhood, he grew up near long island where it was safest.

Urrutia describes fashion and the clothes he wore, as his armour and talking point with his peers. Skipping school while his mother worked he explored the shops, art galleries and museums of Manhattan. Dabbling in things ‘he shouldn’t have been doing’ he started buying high-end clothes. Clothes he hadn’t had access to before.

Later, joining the meticulous designer Daiki Suzuki at Engineered Garments, Urrutia helped produce one of the best American brands of the past twenty years. Engineered Garments takes relatively straightforward concepts from classic American sportswear, military and uniforms, and retools them into something extraordinary.

He decided to leave EG and Nepenthes to take a break. It was then that he choose to share his story and launch his own brand. Depicting a similar idea, to take American fashion and add a European influence.


4SDesigns DNA

Urrutia’s aim is not to create luxury clothing, but the highest-quality clothing. He wants people to put his clothes on and feel good, he wants people to put his clothes on and wear them forever. With that said, he set out to produce his collection in Italy. Noting that if it says ‘Made in Italy’ on the label you could count on it being the best.

Launching 4SDesigns in 2019, there were some larger hurdles to navigate but luckily he got his fabric orders in before lockdown began, and someone from his team based in Italy was granted special permission from the government to visit factories, where production was underway.

Coming from ‘The city that never sleeps’ the turnaround times were a learning curve. However, he quickly managed to perfect the process with the Fall Collection fine-tuned within an inch of its life. The collection was full of technical fashion and niche menswear pieces. Including jacquard camp shirts, Ventile (100% cotton) cloth poncho and an iconic pair of lurex tweed shorts (Chanel for the boys). Inspired by his great appreciation for Chanel and what Coco Chanel did for women.


I think Chanel is the most amazing independent company in the world, a Chanel jacket is constructed with horsehair. It’s this tweed that’s still done by hand at times. There’s a chain sewn at the bottom of the hem, so it hangs perfect no matter what

4SDesigns isn’t your typical streetwear brand — it is nothing less than a new kind of style universe. Providing the kind of contemporary American sportswear that young people line up to buy, only made using techniques and construction that you see from the heritage European fashion houses. 


What does 4SDesigns stand for?

The name 4SDesigns comes from the idea of 4 seasons, Urrutia eventually wants to create collections for every season. Originally called 4 Station Designs it is abbreviated to 4SDesigns.

4SDesign New Season | Buyer’s Top Picks

#1 The Camp Collared Shirts. “They have a great box fit, relaxed shape with the dog detailing and 4SDesigns are always about the small finishing touches, so complete with the logo detailing.”

#2 The Morning Coat. “This is more of a standout piece, with the 4SDesigns monogram printed logo and a slight shimmer running through it.

#3 The Camp Knit Shirt. “Referring back to his heritage, from Al Salvador originally this intarsia knit features a classic central American village. The good thing about intarsia knit is it really sits into the fabric and stands out.”


Written by Holly Thompson

Featured Image Credit – @4sdesigns_

Holly Thompson

Holly Thompson

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