Healthy Eating Instagram Accounts to Follow

January is the month of good intentions. Post-Christmas and fresh off the back of those New Year’s resolutions, this is the time of year we eagerly sign up for that gym membership, start our healthy eating regimes and attempt to kick any bad habits. The funny thing about resolutions, though, is that they tend to fall by the wayside come the end of January. In order to keep us inspired, we’ll be following some of the best healthy eating accounts on Instagram this year for recipe ideas and good-old-fashioned motivation.


Paleo waffles from healthy Instagram account thewholefooddiary.

This husband-and-wife duo posts what they eat – along with recipes – almost on a daily basis. As well as superfood salads, they post raw cheesecake and paleo waffles – the kind of healthy eating we can definitely get on board with. Follow here.


raw mint chocolate mousse bars


Like your food plant-based and gluten-free? Dietician McKel Hill’s Instagram account is full of easy-to-make dishes and some of the best food photography around. Click here to follow.


A dish from healthy Instagram account sproutedkitchen.

Simple, hearty ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner – think falafel sandwiches or tofu and mushroom spring rolls. Follow @sproutedkitchen here.


Recipe ideas from healthy Instagram account helmsleyhelmsley.

Two of Britain’s most loved sisters, Jasmine and Melissa Helmsley have been advocating sugar- and gluten-free eating for over six years, preferring nutrient-dense cooking. Follow them here for healthy, seasonal recipes.

Words by Angharad Jones

Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

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