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If, like us, you binge-watched all eight hours of Stranger Things when it was first released last summer, the return of Season Two will most likely feel well overdue. In the 16 months since the cult sci-fi drama first aired, it has not only drawn huge critical acclaim and won innumerable television awards but its retro sartorial vibe has had a remarkable influence on the fashion industry. From Off-White’s Virgil Abloh teasing his Spring ’17 collection using the show’s now-iconic font to the show’s cast perched at the front row of Coach 1941’s Spring ’17 NYFW show, the cult appeal and nostalgic ‘80s aesthetic of Stranger Things has influenced the imaginations of some of the world’s biggest fashion designers and consequently wardrobes around the world.

As our binging habits are resumed this weekend, we draw sartorial inspiration from Stranger Things 2 and show you how to incorporate Stranger Things styling into your Autumn/Winter wardrobe.



Undoubtedly one of the definitive fabrics of the ‘70s and ‘80s, the Stranger Things set is heavy on great cord pieces. Virtually every character has now worn corduroy at some point over the first two series which is up there with plaid and sherpa collars as one of the defining style traits of the show. Whether it be cord trousers, jackets, or detailing in the way of cord collars and rucksack panels, cord is ubiquitous throughout the series which shows off its versatility.

It’s no coincidence that AW17 has seen a resurgence in cord across both womenswear and menswear. Cord has been incorporated as a key fabric in this season’s collections by the likes of Oliver Spencer, A.P.C., and PS by Paul Smith whether in the form of relaxed-fitting chinos, chunky cord coats, or—the Stranger Things staple—the trucker jacket.

Trucker Jackets

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How does Stranger Things create its signature vintage, Americana-themed vibe? Quite simply by using its retro costume holy trinity of cord, denim, and trucker jackets. The trucker is a staple for most of the show’s characters, whether it be in its pure denim form, lined with fur or with a cord collar. Coincidentally, Levi’s has also just toasted the 50th anniversary of its own iconic trucker jacket which looks set to be a layering essential this autumn/winter.

Autumnal Colour Palette

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Alongside the eerie alternative dimension of the Upside Down and characters such as the Demogorgon, one of the most disconcerting elements of Stranger Things season one was surely drawing the curtains in the middle of summer and being transported to a completely autumnal American hinterland. The show’s colour palette is another factor that helps create the show’s grainy nostalgic feel, and one that is mirrored in the costume design. The costume selection largely fits in within a seasonal palette of browns, beiges, oranges and reds which should all be staples in your AW17 wardrobe.



Whether it be the omnipresent trucker jacket, Barb’s mom jeans, or Western-style shirting, denim comes a close second to corduroy in the Stranger Things fabric stakes. Denim is the cornerstone of the Stranger Things wardrobe, offering key everyday staples but also lots of versatility to layer and keep out the autumnal cold. While much of the denim is vintage stonewashed often with worn detailing, there is also room for experimentation with different shades, shapes, and detailing such as sherpa- or cord- collars.


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There’s a lot to be admired and learnt from the masterful use of layering in Stranger Things. The art of layering is all about combining fabrics and colours to create interesting textures and shapes, one that has been perfected by the show’s costume designers. Whether it be Jonathan’s choice of tees, flannel shirts and trucker jackets, or Eleven’s take on feminine grunge combining pastel pinks with oversized jackets, Stranger Things demonstrates that experimental layering is the way to go this season.

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Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

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