The Nudie Jeans Eco Cycle


Nudie Jeans is a brand committed to denim, in whatever form that denim may take. As such, Nudie’s eco-cycle lovingly follows each jean from the very first purchase throughout its life cycle, maximising the care and wear that every pair of original Nudie jeans experience throughout this time period. In order to get the most out of your Nudie jeans, we’ve included their recommended eco-cycle below, complete with tips. Click on the titles for more information.


If you’re buying a pair of dry jeans (not pre-washed) Nudie recommend a six month ‘breaking in’ period, meaning you should wait at least six months before the first wash. No, we don’t mean leave the in the wardrobe, but wear them every single day – really ‘break them in’ – and give them a good old clean after six months of everyday wear. Feeling dirty? Sponge down with a damp cloth. Feeling really really dirty? Sure you’re not being wimpy? Maybe its time to give in to a wash.


After wearing your jeans everyday for 6 months you might need some form of a repair. Nudie offer free repair on all Nudie Jeans in their concept stores but if you’re far away a free repair kit is also always available. You can ask Coggles for one if you purchased from us or speak to Nudie direct..If you don’t want your jeans anymore  Nudie will also gladly take them back to repair and sell in our second hand program. After all, it’s all about making the product last and live longer.


There are three ways to approach the reuse part. You can reuse the jeans that you have had repaired, reuse the jeans that you’ve repaired with the repair kit or you can reuse someone else’s old jeans that you’ve bought in the second hand program.


Sadly there will come a day when Nudie just can’t save the jeans anymore. When that day comes Nudie finds other ways to take care of the product.


Words by Olivia Cooley. Images Courtesy of Nudie Jeans

Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

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