Introducing Penfield

A male model wearing Penfield clothing.

New to Coggles, Massachusetts-based Penfield is the brand to go to for stylish, functional clothes in the great outdoors. It creates the kind of clothes that you can wear both battling the elements and as part of your every-day wardrobe; think down-insulated jackets, classically American appliqué crew neck sweatshirts and printed t-shirts.

Penfield dates back to 1975 when American outerwear specialist Harvey Gross saw the opportunity in producing down-insulated jackets and coats for their incredible warmth, protection and durability. The first collection focused on just that, with insulated, quilted outerwear designed and crafted to cope with the ever-changing New England climate.

Since then the brand has continued to grow, developing innovative fabrics and styles designed for optimum use in the outdoors. But Penfield isn’t just about being functional; style is very much at the heart of this brand, collaborating with the likes of Wood Wood, rag & bone, Stüssy and fellow Massachussetts-based Saucony in the past.

Penfield’s original values remain intact, with its collections only set to get bigger and better. Watch this space.


A male model wearing a Penfield hoody.

Words by Angharad Jones. Image courtesy of Penfield.

Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

Writer and expert