In Conversation with Drôle de Monsieur

Created in 2014 by two friends Dany and Maxime, Drôle de Monsieur is a French brand that is most definitely not based in Paris; as their products clearly state (“Not from Paris Madame”). Coming straight from their humble lifestyles in Dijon, the pair with no prior experience in fashion, have taken the fashion stage by storm.

To learn more, Coggles have conducted a thorough interview with the founders themselves, hearing all about their rise in popularity, the passion behind the brand and where they take their inspiration from…

What inspired you to start Drôle de Monsieur?

Maxime and I have started for a simple reason. We have always been attracted to clothing, so we naturally wanted to create something with our own hands and share our common vision of fashion.


In rough translation we understand the brand name to mean ‘funny gentleman’, what inspired this?

Drôle has two meanings in French. It means “funny”  but also “strange”. Drôle de Monsieur is a mix of both.  We chose this name because this is how we felt when we started the brand. When you love fashion, you can easily share your expression by wearing what you like in the street or by posting your style though a social network. However, when you want to design your own clothing and make a business out of your love of fashion, you definitely need to have skills, background knowledge, good connections, and get advice from as many people as possible. Maxime and I come from a small city (Dijon) where fashion doesn’t exist, and when we started, we didn’t have any connections, money, or skills, and no knowledge about how to create and distribute a brand… We just had love for fashion, an eye for fabrics and details, imagination, and the dream to share our own creation. Therefore, making the decision to start our own brand seemed impossible in reality; but possible because of our power to dream. It was like a bet. Because of all that, we chose the name, Drôle de Monsieur.


‘Not from Paris Madame’ is definitely a catchy slogan, was the brand born in France?

Yes, the brand started in France. But obviously, not in Paris and we are still growing the brand far from Paris.

What’s your favourite piece from the collection launching at Coggles?

The shaded tracksuit.


You state the brand as ‘unisex’, is this something you see as an ongoing theme in your collections?

Yes definitely. Our collections keep a strong masculine line and will continue to do this.  But we are stating our brand as unisex because in fashion it is not about how clothing is made but mostly about attitude; it is more about the way a woman can wear and assume clothes originally made for men. Therefore, when we design a collection, we always think ”menswear” but we also care to bring details which will make women comfortable and want to wear our pieces. It can be a simple detail like a dropped shoulder, special  fabric, etc.


Where did you take your inspiration from for this season’s collection?

Instead of creating each collection with a specific theme of inspiration, we build our collections on one main continuous inspiration. We are driven by contemporary visual aspects mixed with a reminiscence of our youthful fashion wear and the vintage lifestyle of classical movies. Our wish is to offer clothing that brings a modern attitude with a retro aesthetic.

What are your goals for the future of the brand?

We have so many goals but I don’t like to talk about them. We all know that patience is the key for success. Our community need to trust us and understand that we are here to build something strong and lasting, not to be hype and disappear.

Therefore, what I can say now is we will continue to build the brand carefully by keeping our DNA.


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Words by Olivia Seed | Images courtesy of brand

Olivia Seed

Olivia Seed


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