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How to Embrace the Dark Interior Trend

dark interiors frama

It’s no secret that interior trends of recent years have largely been dominated by clean, minimal interiors that have favoured a palette of fresh white and light greys – and more recently, dusty, millennial pink. As we move into the latter end of 2017 though, there’s a shift in interiors that has been gaining ground over the past year: rich, dark interiors that are heavily pigmented (think deep navy and forest green rather than black or charcoal grey). It may be an extension of the greenery trendthat has been dominating our Pinterest boards, it may be a reaction to all that clean minimalism, or it may be, as Swedish interior designer Lotta Agaton said, a reaction to global political instability.

Either way, it’s a look that’s here to stay and one that suits the upcoming autumn and winter months perfectly. If there’s one brand that’s fully embraced the dark(er) side, it’s Copenhagen-based Frama, whose straightforward, slightly industrial lighting proves the perfect accompaniment to any good moody space. A bit of a Copenhagen favourite, you’ll be able to find Frama lights in Hotel SP34 and underground restaurant FedteGreven, as well as the French embassy. High praise indeed. Here are three spaces that use Frama lighting (and dark interiors) best.

Mix with Lighter Toneshotel sp34 frama light

I know I’ve just been singing the praises of darker shades but mixing them in with lighter colours is a subtle transition into this trend, while also creating a contrast in a space. This nook in Hotel SP34 is the perfect cosy reading spot, with a dark green door, reading lamp and stool setting against the light grey walls and armchair (the red wine is an added benefit).

Use with Natural Texturesframa light navy walls

At Frama’s HQ the team opted for dark blue walls, keeping the wooden flooring natural and unfinished throughout. As well as providing a welcome contrast to the paintwork, the floors create a sense of effortlessness and prevent each space from looking too ‘done’.

Add Warmth with Lightinguformel copenhagen frama lights

Located in the centre of Copenhagen, Uformelis a restaurant where the Nordic-inspired menu is a pick-and-choose affair and the wine selection unrivalled. The space is filled with dark colours, brass and gold; a space quite like any other in the city. The use of subtle lighting adds warmth to the space, with a mixture of pendant and wall lights found throughout.

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Sarah Atkinson
Sarah Atkinson Writer and expert

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