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What to Wear to Graduation | Guests, Graduates and Gifts

Whether you’re the one donning the robe and mortarboard or you’re a guest at the celebrations, graduation is the perfect excuse to dress your best as you toast to your loved one’s academic achievements. The monumental date in the diary is a day full of activities, from the main event to post graduation dinner and dancing, so you need to be as prepared as possible. From the gifts to give and what you should be wearing, we're giving you a go-to guide to graduation season.graduation


Depending on the season of graduation, you'll need to be mindful of the fabrics that you're wearing. If you're graduating in the height of summer (and it's actually warm!) you'll want to avoid wearing a jacket underneath your robe - noone wants to over heat while waiting to take to the stage. For warmer temperatures choose linen, cotton and seersucker. Team a light shirt, smart trousers and brogues for a staple day to evening outfit that can be worn for a range of occasions.


The world of graduation dressing can be a bit of a minefield for women, do you choose a mini dress, a midi dress, a jumpsuit? All of the mentioned are perfect, just ensure you're taking into consideration your robe, hood colours and the weather. Try to avoid dark colours to ensure you're outfit doesn't get lost underneath the robe and make sure your outfit doesn't clash with your university colours. When it comes to footwear, if you're confident you can strut across the stage in stilettos without resembling a baby giraffe you go for it!  If you're leaning more towards the cautious side, opt for a pair of kitten heels like these Dorateymur sling back court shoes.


Although all eyes might not be on you today you'll still want to look your best, and lets not forget about the family photo! You'll most likely be walking from building to building around the University campus and on your feet all day so opt for something comfortable as well as stylish.


As important as your attire is, accessories complete an outfit and on a day as important as graduation, it's vital you've considered where you're putting you tickets, camera, makeup and comb. Not only this, don't let unsightly and more to the point painful blisters ruin your day. Make sure you've worn in your shoes before the big day, otherwise you might want to add blister plasters to the contents of your handbag!


When it comes to graduation gifts, think keepsakes, something thoughtful and personal. For women, a timeless piece of jewellery is perfect and will be a long lasting reminder of the day. For men, a quality leather wallet or scent is the ideal gift to transition in to the working world.



Emma Bowkett
Emma Bowkett Writer and expert

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