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During Copenhagen Fashion Week, we held an exclusive influencer event with the talented Ruby Hughes, aka sshepaints, who produces wine and pasta paintings. A passion which came from the Covid-19 pandemic a few years ago, Ruby’s success has been nothing short of exceptional.

sshepaints event

We sat down with her to discuss how she began her painting journey, what her favourite Scandi trends are at the moment as well as what we can expect to see from her in the near future. From wine and pasta paintings to a brand-new podcast with her boyfriend, here’s everything you need to know about sshepaints. 

You have a unique style from your work to the way you dress, how would you best describe your aesthetic?   

Ah so kind! I’d say my style in the way I paint and dress would be casual. I guess they weirdly align – I like to be comfy / loose with my clothing. I like to feel free when I paint and imperfect. So my appearance being pretty slapped together and natural mirrors my paintings – being wonky, imperfect and fun.  

We love your art, what inspired you to start painting wine & pasta paintings?  

Covid was the catalyst to sshepaints – I was separated from my loved ones. So painting about missing drinking wine / being connected with my friends was my inspiration. Once we were all reunited I realised this topic is still relevant – Everyone has their own memories to do with food and connection. 

Sshepaints Event

In light of Copenhagen Fashion Week, what are your favourite Scandi trends you’re obsessed with at the moment? 

Grandad core if that’s how you explain it – haha. The Kitri jacket I wore to my event with you guys was the perfect example of that. I love almost tea towel looking patterns – very iconic. 

We also wanted to plug your podcast with your boyfriend, ruby& lewis, can you share with our readers the concept & what they can expect?  

Ah guys! That’s so nice!  

We have our listeners write in with relationship questions. Which is probably the funniest / juiciest part. We also talk about being freelance, our experience with the creative world. We argue about the washing up. But always ending the episode as friends haha. It’s our own therapy space. We have taken a short break but will be back very soon with new eps in our new studio space. So stay tuned!  


Are you working on any exciting projects in the pipeline you can share with us?  

The new studio will be a new chapter for me and my content. I want to focus on growing my presence online showing more day to day content. Of course new paintings are coming this year – On a bigger scale!  

Lastly, who’s your biggest muse or inspiration at the moment?  

Isis Maria – an artist / model / mum. I think is a multi talented woman – Her style is effortless and natural. Her paintings are also about food and she has been a big inspiration to me creatively and styling wise. Everything she wears she really makes her own – check her out ! 

By Mae-Lei King

Hannah Needham

Hannah Needham

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