Ellen Cuylaerts

A large shoal of fish in an underwater cave by Ellen Cuylaerts.

Belgian photographer Ellen Cuylaerts relocated from Belgium to the Cayman Islands in 2009. She studied history in Antwerp & Leuven and got her masters in modern history and education. She homeschools her 2 gifted teenagers and decided to take up scuba diving in June 2011. Soon she became a Master Scuba Diver and took up her childhood dream of photography, combining it with the wonders of the underwater world.

After diving a few months she signed up for a workshop on the island with renowned underwater photographer & marine biologist Dr. Alex Mustard and decided to use the skills she learned to spread the awareness and contribute to the conservation and preservation of the fragile marine environment. Her core concerns are the decay of the oceans by pollution, overfishing, the brutal act of shark finning and dolphin and whale slaughtering. Ellen hopes that images can contribute to achieve goals in conservation of marine life and education about the importance of our oceans, capturing hearts and minds before it’s too late. Ellen received already numerous awards for her pictures and was the 2013 winner in the yearly online underwater photo competition ‘’.


A scuba diver with a group of sharks by Ellen Cuylaerts.

A purple sea slug by Ellen Cuylaerts.

A sperm whale by Ellen Cuylaerts.

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