The Best of Frieze London 2016

At the beginning of October (5th-8th) Frieze London and Frieze Masters took over Regent’s Park; the former showcasing contemporary art from 160 galleries around the world, the latter bridging the gap between ancient and mid-century art. Over the years it’s been one of the capital’s most anticipated art fairs, throwing up gems such as KAWS’ Small Lie; the 32-foot tall sculpture that’s a contemporary take on Pinocchio. Now that this year’s fairs are over, we take a look at the best of Frieze London and Frieze Masters 2016.

Mae West Lips Sofa, Salvador Dalí

salvador dali frieze london 2016

London-based Dickinson Gallery presented two works from Salvador Dalí as part of their exhibition at Frieze Masters this year. Among them was the first artist’s proof of Mae West Lips Sofa complete with batting eyelids; a true dose of mid-century surrealism.

Britain is Best, Grayson Perry

grayson perry britain is best

Brexit was very much evident at Frieze this year, both in new works and old. Among them was Grayson Perry’s 2014 hand-embroidered tapestry Britain is Best. Originally a take on five loyalists from East Belfast celebrating the centenary of the Ulster Volunteer Force and fierce patriotism, the piece now depicts a slightly sinister image in light of recent events.

Pink Project: Table, Portia Munson

pink project table portia musnon

One of the highlights of P.P.O.W.’s booth was Portia Munson’s table full of discarded pink objects she’s collected over the years. Hundreds of pink plastic items marketed towards women and girls fill the table – from dolls and Power Rangers figures to brushes and mirrors – all of which, Munson believes, reveals the infantilisation of the female gender.

Rampa Istanbul

rampa frieze london 2016

Istanbul-based gallery Rampa had a full booth worth of works to stop by. Highlights include Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin’s illuminated hotel signs to Michael Rakowitz’s The Breakup which looks at the rise and fall of The Beatles and how that was echoed in the breakdown of political negotiations in Israel, Palestine and across the Middle East.

Words by Angharad Jones. Images property of Frieze London

Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

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