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Health and Fitness Blogs You Need to Follow

After a December full of indulgence, endless turkey sandwiches and far too much wine, it's time to turn over a new leaf now that we're in 2016 (anyone else thought we'd be driving hover cars by now?) and make getting healthy a priority.

Health and fitness blogs have become our recent obsession, they are perfect for finding recipes, getting motivated and learning about fitness from someone like you. We have collected together our five favourite blogs which are guaranteed to get you yearning to be healthy, fit and refreshed this year.

Health and Fitness Blogs you need to followPopsugar

Popsugar is a fountain of knowledge for everything from fitness and food to celebrities and fashion, pretty much everything you could want to keep you entertained while you work out! They have recently launched an app where you can schedule work outs, get exercise tutorials straight to your phone and create playlists of videos to work out at home so there's no excuse!

Click here to see more from Popsugar.

Image credit: Thinkstock / Shaiith

Health and Fitness Blogs you need to followThug Kitchen

Thug Kitchen is hands down our favourite health food blog at the moment. Packed with personality and a slightly aggressive approach to getting you eating healthily, Thug Kitchen blends great food with hilarious comments that are not for the easily offended.

Click here to see more from Thug Kitchen.

Image property of Thug Kitchen.

Health and Fitness Blogs you need to followAmbitious Kitchen

Ambitious Kitchen is the perfect place to find sweet treats that taste amazing but are actually good for you (as well as a few naughty ones too). Monique Volz, self confessed cookie lover and the woman behind the blog, uses alternative ingredients like peanut butter and chick peas to achieve the same satisfying taste as your favourite sinful snacks. There are also plenty of work out, motivational and weight loss posts to help keep you going.

Click here to see more from Ambitious Kitchen.

Image property of Monique Volz.

Health and Fitness Blogs you need to followLive Hard

Joel Snape is the man behind Live Hard, he shares his ever expanding fitness knowledge with the aim of getting you working, training, playing and eating harder. As Associate Editor of Men's Fitness, strongman competitor, marathon runner, writer and someone who has challenged fellow strong men across the world from Shaolin monks to black belts in Rio, we're listening.

Click here to see more from Live Hard.

Health and Fitness Blogs you need to followFitness on Toast

Hailing from Sweden but now residing in London, Faya is a personal trainer and fitness blogger who shares healthy recipes, workout tutorials, work out fashion, nutritional tips and general fitness knowledge. Faya, you had us at toast.

Click here to see more from Fitness on Toast.

Image property of Faya Nilsson.

Clare Potts
Clare Potts Writer and expert

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