How to Use Dusty Pink in the Home

Dusty pink has become one of this year’s biggest interior trends, largely due to Rose Quartz making up one half of Pantone’s Colour of the Year in 2016. After light greys and whites taking up the majority of interior trends of the past couple of years, this soft pink is a warmer alternative to neutrals. As with a lot of interior trends, the best way to embrace it is by using as an accent colour to prevent it from becoming overwhelming; here are our favourite ways to use dusty pink in the home.

Add to Black and White

dusty pink cushion

Image by Alen Cordic for Bjurfors

Black and white will never date and is a colour scheme that’s set to continue with interiors well into next year. Using white as the main colour with touches of contrasting black creates a soft and clean look perfect for a minimalist space; add one pale pink cushion to fit in with the colour scheme and add another dimension to the look.

Pair it with Blue

pink and blue kitchen

Image property of Note Design Studio

The other half of Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2016 was Serenity – or a light blue. Added to dusty pink, it makes an unusual but stylish combination and shouldn’t be dismissed in the home. This kitchen features pink walls that are so light they’re almost nude and make the perfect backdrop to the blue cabinets.

Create an Interesting Dining Space

pink dining chairs

Image property of Fantastic Frank

Pink isn’t necessarily the first colour you’d think of when it comes to dining chairs but used with natural dark wood and grey, it injects personality into the space. Keep other colours to a minimum and add just a few select accessories to make the chairs the statement piece.

Use it in Art

pink wall art

Image property of Fantastic Frank

If pink furnishings are a step too far, embrace the colour through wall art instead. Adding a pale pink print to this white space lifts the room without detracting from the minimalist aesthetic.

Words by Angharad Jones

Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

Writer and expert