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Trend: Monochrome

A monochrome living area with white walls and floors, black chairs and a grey sofa, with some plants in vases and hanging baskets throughout the space.

Monochrome will never go out of fashion; chic, classic and simple, this palette works for almost any style – from minimalist and graphic, to romantic and elegant. The trick to this trend is to not overdo it, as a fully black-and-white room can look over-styled. Adding bare wood into a monochrome room will break up the black and white, as will plants and subtle accents of other colours.

White is the main colour in these interiors, with black furnishings, window frames and images creating a bold contrast. Grey is also used, providing different tones and adding softness to the stark black and white.

On the surface this is quite a simple trend, but paying attention to details will prevent it from being boring. Add personality (and functionality) to a room with unconventional lighting fixtures or shelves that showcase books and ornaments. The use of different textures and patterns in cushions and throws will also stop the room from looking flat and one-dimensional, as will mixing new and retro styles.

A monochrome living area with white walls, a black staircase and chairs, grey floowing and a dark brown wooden table.
A monochrome bathroom with black and white tiled flooring, white tiled walls and black tab details.
A monochrome bedroom with black and white walls, a white bed and white painted floorboards, and black and white phortographs on the walls.
A monochrome living area with dark wooden flooring, white walls and green house plants in various vases.
A monochrome living area with white walls and flooring, black chairs, and exposed brown wooden beams.
Sarah Atkinson
Sarah Atkinson Writer and expert

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