Inside Airbnb’s Best Offices

Airbnb has slowly taken over the travel world, offering a more authentic experience to those who want something new from a trip away; one that immerses them into local life and culture in a way that no hotel can. From a Berlin loft to a luxurious, open plan apartment in Amsterdam, one can stay in a variety of places suiting a variety of tastes. The San Francisco start-up now has offices around the world – which are just as impressive as some of the most stylish homes it has on its site; discover our best.


airbnb singapore office

Designed with local design studio Farm, the Singapore Airbnb office takes inspiration from local building traditions and architecture. Featuring a central staircase inspired by a skyscraper and a reception modelled on the front porches typical of homes in the city, this office blends tradition with Airbnb’s signature innovative, co-working layouts.


airbnb london office

Working with architecture firm Threefold, Airbnb’s London office was designed with the architectural history of the city – and the rest of the UK – in mind. Elements include a traditional farmhouse kitchen, ‘village green’ and library-inspired work space.


airbnb tokyo office

Working with Suppose Design Office, Airbnb created a space modelled on traditional Japanese interiors. The office is designed to represent a Tokyo neighbourhood complete with what appears to be an outdoor cafe, as well as an Engawa area covered in tatami mats and cushions to allow for working at low level desks.

San Francisco 

airbnb san francisco office

Airbnb’s headquarters takes inspiration from all over the world as a nod to its increasing global expansion – from a cafe in Cairo to a colourful, industrial residence in Johannesburg and log cabin in New South Wales.

Words by Angharad Jones. Images property of Airbnb

Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

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