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How to Create a Peaceful Home

Health and wellbeing isn’t just about what you eat and how often you exercise – it’s also about your environment and how you live your life on a day-to-day basis. We increasingly lead busy lifestyles, with long working hours, hectic social lives and a number of different commitments, so it’s important that your home is as calm and zen-like as possible; somewhere to come back, kick your shoes off and fully relax and shake off the day. We’ve got a few easy ways you can create a peaceful home, whilst making it look good in the process.


This almost goes without saying, but clutter in the home becomes a major distraction. Each object in the home should serve a purpose, whether for its beauty or function (or both). Get rid of everything you don’t truly need, and for everything else, get organised. One of the main areas to quickly become cluttered is the entryway. Turn it into a place of interest rather than somewhere to dump you coat as soon as you walk in; a designated place for keys, shoes and mail will keep everything streamlined, while creating a feature out of hats and accessories will add a design element to the space.

peaceful home - stylish entrywayImage property of Tessa Neustadt

Another place that attracts clutter is the bathroom. Copious amounts of products and towels can soon mount up and create an unsightly mess, so use shelving or an armoire to stow away everything you need. Put your products into glass bottles and jars and stick to the same colour towels to create a chic display.

peaceful home - bathroom armoire

Image property of Christopher Burns Interiors

Incorporate the five elements

Embrace nature in our home with potted plants and fresh flowers, and use of bare stone, candles, fireplaces, metal and wood. Fortunately, these elements can look really stylish in the home, especially with the move to simple, pared-back Scandinavian styles in the design world.

peaceful home - minimal white greek houseImage property of Jerome Galland via Marie Claire Maison

peaceful home - Greek summer houseImage property of Ioanna Roufopoulou via Yatzer

Reconnect with the outside

Natural light and fresh air is essential when it comes to creating a peaceful space. Use big windows and French doors to blend indoors with out, or make the most of your garden, balcony or roof terrace and create a space that you’ll want to spend time in.

peaceful home - French windowsImage property of Tia Borg Smidt via Bo Bedre

Make your bedroom a ‘no tech zone’

Looking at screens before bed can disrupt sleep, as can a ‘quick check’ of your emails or constant notifications on your phone. Make your bedroom a real sanctuary by removing TVs, laptops and tablets, and turning your phone off before bed.

peaceful home - masculine blue bedroomImage property of Lee Garland via The Guardian

Sarah Atkinson
Sarah Atkinson Writer and expert

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