Wildebeest, Vancouver

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Located in historic Vancouver neighbourhood Gastown, Wildebeest is a stylish restaurant that isn’t afraid to be a little adventurous with its menu. Founded in 2012, it’s housed in a 19th-century building and the concept is very much indicative in the name: Wildebeest.

This isn’t a restaurant for the vegetarian or the faint-hearted; the menu focuses on whole animal cooking, served family-style – think big plates of roasted sweetbreads, lamb tartar and slow-cooked bison.

Wildebeest is more than a restaurant – it’s a dining experience, with its expertly curated wine and cocktail lists complementing the menu perfectly. If dinner sounds a bit much, head there for brunch for Wildebeest’s takes on the classics.

Wildbeest is located at 120 West Hasting Street, Vancouver, BC. Visit the website here.

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Words by Angharad Jones. Images property of Wildebeest.

Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

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