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Peter O’Toole’s Illustrations

Peter O'Toole's skill draws people in. Something about his fluid, canny illustrations have resulted in big names on his client list including Sperry, Timberland, Carhartt, Microsoft, Disney and Adidas to name but a few. The freelance illustrator and graphic designer is based in Huddersfield, and is not only skilled but a really nice guy, as we found out when we interviewed him, here.

Here at Coggles HQ we love Peter's ability to illustrate almost anything we throw at him (our recent LIFE competition for example), and decided to take a peek inside his portfolio, as he tells us a bit about the work inside.

o toole this thing of ours

This project for a fashion label, The Casual Connoisseur, started with a few illustrations and grew more and more until we got to this print. It's grown even more since then, so much so that I've actually launched a website dedicated to this kind of drawing at

peter o toole wwe

So this is basically something I did as a pitch to WWE, I grew up watching wrestling and a lot of my work stems from nostalgia, Looking back on my youth and trying to remember all the wrestlers was a lot of fun!

Sarah Atkinson
Sarah Atkinson Writer and expert

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