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New Balance & Teddy Santis – Just Another Reason to love New Balance…

In April 2021, Aimé Leon Dore founder Teddy Santis announced via Instagram that he will be joining footwear giant New Balance from 2022.

teddy santis

Santis’ appointment of Creative Director comes as no surprise, as we’ve already seen plenty of Aimé Leon Dore x New Balance collaborations as of late. Santis also recently put his stamp on the immensely popular 990 iteration and played a central role in the re-release of the 550.

Speaking on his appointment, Santis shared that he took the job due to New Balance’s commitment to authenticity, something that has remained consistent since the brand’s beginnings.

new balance teddy santis

Born and raised in Queens NY, Santis’ homegrown ethos, naturally influenced by music and streetwear, is present throughout all of his releases. His most successful Aimé Leon Dore campaigns have often favoured local designers, rappers and basketball players; generating an authentic type of street-level marketing that even immense budgets just can’t replicate.


Integrity and authenticity, rather than passing hype, has remained integral to New Balance throughout its rich history. With no doubt an array of rich stories and plenty of immense drops heading our way; the gaining of Teddy Santis feels like the perfect step in New Balance’s journey.

“I see a tremendous opportunity to tell authentic stories with real people at the forefront, creating global campaigns that connect our core values with the world.”


Ciara Martin
Ciara Martin Writer and expert

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