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Copenhagen Fashion Week: Tommy Hilfiger AW17

tommy hilfiger aw17 military

This season's Copenhagen Fashion Week started with breakfast at Tommy Hilfiger AW17, where Spirulina water and quinoa porridge was served; January's health kick showing no signs of going anywhere. We were presented with Hilfiger's collection for next season, where the American brand's signature red and white and blue reigned supreme and the right kind of balance was struck between casual and formal.

tommy hilfiger aw17 shearling

Tommy Hilfiger has been going since the '80s but it was the following decade when sportswear became streetwear that the brand really came into its own. Twenty years later and the '90s have officially become vintage enough for the styles of the decade to be revisited, with tracksuit-inspired designs and the old favourite sports brands firmly back in the spotlight.

tommy hilfiger aw17 mens suits

Tommy Hilfiger is officially having a moment. It's still got that All-American preppy feel, with striped shirts, boxy suits and collegiate sweaters, but it's the urban side to the brand that feels new, that feels current. Hilfiger's classic colours were reworked into zip-up tops, close-fitting knits with geometric patterns, slim track pants and oversized jumpers.

tommy hilfiger aw17 camouflage

The brand's put its own take on the whole military trend too, with large camouflage-print coats, khaki shirts and sand-coloured layers. Tommy Hilfiger has put itself back on the fashion map, and it's coming soon to Coggles. Sign up to our emails to be one of the first to shop the brand.

tommy hilfiger aw17 zip up top
Sarah Atkinson
Sarah Atkinson Writer and expert

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