Coggles: A History


Victoria Bage established Coggles in 1974 in York. The story goes that she caught her husband having an affair with his secretary. She promptly divorced him and named the store after the secretary ‘Sarah Coggles’ to remind him of the mistake he had made.

When the first store opened in 1976, it served coffee, played music and provided play areas for husbands.Ahead of its time, Coggles has transformed over the last four decades: from its first store opening, to collaborations with numerable iconic brands and fashion houses, to launching into the online sphere in 2006. Home to the UK’s largest street style archive, Coggles now exists as an online lifestyle destination that continues its commitment to simple design. Whether it’s fashion or music, books or bikes, homes or hotels, each day the homepage pays tribute to a brand we love


Multiple winner –
Designer Store of the Year
Independent Women’s Store of the Year
Independent Men’s Store of the Year
Independent Retailer of the Year
Independent Etailer of the Year
Buying Team of the Year
And Inspiring Independent of the Year 2012

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Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

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