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The Glass Cabin

Nick Olson and Lilah Horwitz in their completed glass cabin home in the woods.

Most girls my age dream about being Beyonce or Cheryl Cole, but me, I dream of being these guys. Artists Nick Olsen and Lilah Horwitz decided after watching the sunset and taking the time to bask in the changing light from dusk to night, that they wanted their living space to mirror this change.

The couple quit their jobs, rented a van and went from State to State collecting suitable windows to use as the fascia of their new glass cabin home, but collating them into a glass jigsaw puzzle.

By re-purposing and scavenging from barns and dilapidated buildings, living on a diet of rice and beans and using old nails and wood, the project only cost $500 and looks like it is worth every dollar and bead of sweat that went into the production.

To find out more about the project, watch their episode on Half Cut Tea.

Nick Olson sat inside the glass cabin with views onto the countryside out of the main glass window made out of many smaller windows.A view of the glass cabin showing the main square glass window made up of many smaller windows surrounded by trees.
Clare Potts
Clare Potts Writer and expert

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