Sou Fujimoto’s Wooden House

The inside of Sou Fujimoto's Wooden House with two people sat amongst the wooden structure.

If you’ve ever played Jenga, you may be reminded of it looking at Sou Fujimoto’s Wooden House, it’s created by huge beams of lumber constructed in a way that give every piece a purpose.

There is no differentiation between floor and ceiling, wall and door or even furniture, a floor for someone could potentially be a desk for another visitor. You can tailor the structure to fit your needs, it’s no longer just a house, it’s a changeable structure.

For further information, visit their website here.

A view of the trees and large bridge surrounding Sou Fujimoto's Wooden House.

Sou Fujimoto's Wooden House lit up from the inside amidst a dark forest.

A close up of one of the walls of Sou Fujimoto's Wooden House.

Two men looking at the view infront of Sou Fujimoto's Wooden House.

Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

Writer and expert