Everyday Life with Raphaël Année

The front of a classic blue Mustang by Raphaël Année.

Everyday life is something that seems entirely inconsequential to the person who is living it, but to the outside world, it can be utterly fascinating. Photographer and artist Raphaël Année has captured the everyday life of Parisians, giving an outsiders view a fascinating perspective through his lens.

Année was born in Paris but grew up in Crépy-en-Valois, a small French town not too far away from the city. He openly appreciates the banal, which led him to his fascination of capturing every day moments, from rough street shots to romantic images.

Take a look at more of his photography on his portfolio site here.

Two boys riding bicycles shirtless down a forest path by Raphaël Année.

An aerial view of a man swimming through a swimming pool with the rippling water distorting the image by Raphaël Année.

A close up of two goldfish in a tank by Raphaël Année.

A side view of a ferry moored at a harbour with a lifeboat on top of it by Raphaël Année.

A cat sat on a windowsill looking into the camera in front of a veiled curtain with a view on to other houses on the street by Raphaël Année.

An obscured view of a man working at a desk through some blinds by Raphaël Année.

Words by Clare Potts. Images property of Raphaël Année.

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