Desperate Intentions by Viviana Peretti

Two young girls looking out of a bus window by Viviana Peretti.

Italian born photographer Viviana Peretti takes inspiration from the streets and inhabitants of New York City where she now resides. Graduating with a degree in Anthropology from the University of Rome, her love of human nature took her to Columbia and eventually New York to complete her second degree in Documentary and Photojournalism.

The series ‘Desperate Intentions’ documents her discoveries in New York City from pensive shots overlooking a mist shrouded The Empire State Building to children’s ballet classes. Her shots capture a moment within time, not always joyful or exciting, but which have a certain depth to them. The images draw you into the personalities and characters within them, the subjects bring their surroundings to life, injecting soul into each building, street and situation.

A champion of the analogue, the majority of Viviana’s work is captured on 35mm film, her signature cameras being Canon, Hasselblad and Holga.

To find out more and to see more of her work, visit the website here.

A woman looking out of a window onto the Empire State Building by Viviana Peretti.

A crowd of commuters in an underground station by Viviana Peretti.

A large heap of rubbish bags in an alley by Viviana Peretti.

Young children lying on the floor in a ballet class by Viviana Peretti.

Images property of Viviana Peretti

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