A Cliff Top Cabin in Nova Scotia

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Cape Breton: the large Canadian island in Nova Scotia made up of wild, rugged nature and has just the right amount of remoteness to be a real get-away-from-it-all destination; think rolling hills, untouched scenery and a bit of a throwback to 19th century Scottish culture thanks to earlier settlements.

cliff top cabin cape breton

Local studio Omar Gandhi Architect has made the most of this unique area with their recent build on the island, just on the outskirts of the coastal village of Inverness. The house was created as a holiday home for a Toronto-based family, and is a long slim dwelling on a remote cliff edge.

The architects made the most of the unspoilt location, creating the house out of white-washed wooden boards, exposed concrete and floor-to-ceiling windows and glass doors framed in thick black steel, offering panoramic views across the sea.

cliff top cabin living room

The building is low and aesthetically simple yet interesting – with its façade blending in with its hillside surroundings, having as little impact as possible on the area. The interior is suitably pared-back with smooth concrete flooring running throughout, light wooden furnishings and touches of black steel that add a contemporary element to the space.

To see more work from Omar Gandi Architect, visit the studio’s website.

cliff top cabin kitchen

cliff top cabin nova scotia

Words by Angharad Jones. Images by Doublespace Photography

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