The Unexpected Benefits of Sleep

For many, sleep is just that thing we do at the end of the day. The bed is just a place to lay your head whilst you rest up from a long day. But what often is misunderstood, is the importance of sleep and its many benefits. Coggles reveals some of the most crucial and researched benefits of sleep….

sleeping benefits

Promotes Weight Loss

It is believed and researched that sleep deprivation can have consequential effects on the hormones that affect people’s appetites. The leptin and gherlin hormones within the body are those that regulate appetite; when the body hasn’t received enough sleep these hormones can be disrupted, impacting their balance and effectively, the rate by which we put on weight. Those who get fewer than 7  hours of sleep per night are more prone to obesity and becoming overweight.


Reduces Inflammation

Whether this is visible from the skin or an internal inflammation, sleep can help reduce it. Internal inflammation, often caused by high blood levels of inflammatory proteins have been linked with strokes, diseases, premature ageing and arthritis. Getting more sleep can reduce the risk of these inflammations and consequently reduce the risk of illness.


Improves Your Memory

Whilst you might think that sleep is a time for resting, your brain does not shut down. Dreams are proof of this. Researchers have suggested that more sleep can improve the memory; a process they call memory consolidation. This process is the workings of your brain; running through the day’s events, memories, thoughts, feelings and sensory data. What researchers call ‘deep sleep’ is a crucial time for your brain to make connections, links, memories and in the long run, help you retain more information.


Reduces Stress

The less sleep a human gets, the more inclined he/she is to feel stressed. Because the body has had a lack of rest, the working functions of the body are heightened and more alert, stimulating the production of stress hormones. For some, it can be the stress that distracts the body from sleeping. We recommend trying some relaxation techniques before you shut your eyes such as reading, listening to music or taking a hot bath.


Improve Performance and Encourage Creativity

Both physically and mentally, sleep can enhance performance. From increasing stamina and decreasing fatigue to sharpening attention and allowing the brain to consolidate and reorganise memories and ideas, sleep is a powerful tool when it comes to human performance. A suitable amount of rest can energise both the mind and the body, bringing with it a refreshed mindset and repaired muscles.

Words by Olivia Seed

Olivia Seed

Olivia Seed


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