6 Cult Beauty Products for all Skin Types

Just like a loyal puppy is to their owner, we’ve found ourselves quite the advocate of a certain few beauty products; essentials in our beauty basket that simply can’t be replaced. The popularity of these products is directly related to the results, and that’s why they’ve made it into our top 6 cult beauty products. Once you’ve tried them, nothing else will compare.

Beauty products


Standing the test of time in an ever competitive market, BY TERRY has been a big name on campus for the past 30 years. Hailing from a family of scientists Terry initially embarked on a medicinal career but quickly turned her passion of beauty into a profession. Syncing her expertise of the two together the BY TERRY collection was born. A favourite brand of Cindy Crawford among others, the Baume de Rose la creme visage face cream is rich in premium ingredients leaving your face feeling nourished and repaired.


An indulgence for your skin and your nostrils, Aesop’s range of skin, hair and body formulas will do wonders for you (and for your interiors). Dedicated to sourcing plant-based as well as laboratory-made ingredients Aesop is designed to be gentle on all skin types. This Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser will enhance your skin with mild exfoliation from lactic acid and balancing attributes from jojoba oil you’ll be left feeling clean and smelling beautiful. There’s a reason why this is Aesop’s best selling product, once you try it, nothing else will compare.


With 2,000 years of history behind Hungarian thermal spas, they are renowned for beautiful structures and healing properties. OMOROVICZA revitalising mist is formulated using Queen of Hungary water to refresh your skin by harnessing the power of Hungarian thermal water for long lasting hydration.

Perricone MD

Famous for it’s three-tiered skincare regime, Perricone MD is a lifestyle. Integrating diet, skincare and supplements together all backed by some of the most powerful ingredients on the planet. The cult beauty product has a cult following with Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez and Eva Mendez are all known for their love of the brand, and it’s natural ethos is one of the reasons it’s featured in our top 6. This No Lipstick Lipstick is fortified with SPF 15 for expert sun protection in a natural colour to mimic the rosy flush of youthful lips. You’ll be left hydrated, nourished and looking irresistibly kissable.

The Ordinary

A newcomer to the cult beauty basket is The Ordinary. The brand has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years through a combination of its very reasonable price point as well as its high performance products. It’s a real winner for all skin types. The Hyaluronic Acid Support Formula with its oil-free texture penetrates into the skin’s deeper layer’s to deliver intense and long lasting hydration, leaving you with glowing youthful looking skin.


Stemming from a passion for plant based skincare, Votary’s ethos is cemented into its whole range. Producing beautiful skincare with the power of natural oils from seeds and flowers Votary beauty products are packed full of super- ingredients for soothing, nourishing and anti-ageing results. A must have all-in-one item, this Votary Toning serum with Lemon and Neroli scents not only smells delicious but is a refreshingly light toner and serum that will plump and renew skin.


Words by Emma Bowkett

Emma Bowkett

Emma Bowkett

Writer and expert