What to Wear This Ski Season | From Slopes to Après Ski

Peak winter sports season is approaching, and we don’t only want you to have the best time on the slopes, we want you to do it in style. Whether you’ll be making the most of your ski pass, or mostly enjoying the après ski, it’s too easy to over pack on the thermals. From day to night, there are a few key pieces you’ll need to add to your luggage. So, to avoid that unnecessary excess baggage charge when you arrive at the airport, take a look at our guide of what to wear this ski season.



#1 What to Wear to the Slopes

How do I make it to the mountain without getting wet feet or frostbite we hear you ask? As well as wearing your skis, you’ll also need some footwear to get you to and from the slope, and moon boots are the answer. After a long day of snow ploughs, we guarantee a feeling of euphoria when you slip into these Rossignol moon boots walk back to the chalet.

#2 What to Wear on an Evening

Your salopettes, goggles and ski jacket will be firm favourites during the day, but you may be wondering what the protocol is for when you aren’t on the mountain? This is when you can ditch your heavy duty ski wear and dress down. Swap your moon boots for some Diemme‘s and your thermals for polo necks and knitwear.

#3 How to Nail Après Ski Style

Après ski is a great opportunity to show off your style, take off your jacket and let down your braces. Remember you are still likely to be outside so layers are VERY important. Peeling back the layers will make going from mountain to après ski much smoother and not leave you in a hot mess.  Here’s our favourite pieces for après ski style.

#4 How to Accessories

In most cases accessories are purely to enhance your outfit, but in this case they’re a necessity. Having easy access to your wallet, phone, keys, ski pass etc is vital, so a good bag will do wonders. You’ll also be eternally grateful for hats and gloves that will keep you warm but also look great teamed with your ski wear. Lastly, it’s never chic to be squinting on the slopes but more importantly it could lead to an accident so make sure you have some sunglasses handy.


Words by Emma Bowkett

Emma Bowkett

Emma Bowkett

Writer and expert