Shida Preserved Flowers - Paola


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Creamy neutrals for pared back interiors, with exotic dried cream proteas, preserved soft, natural broom and gypsophila and pops of natural rushes.

Preserved flowers are real plants, harvested at the moment they are in full bloom. They have been perfectly preserved using natural glycerine and dyes. Your flowers will retain their natural beauty for many months.

Longevity up to 1 Year +.

Care Instructions:

Preserved flowers must not be placed in water or kept in a very humid environment.

The flowers are only suitable for interior use at room temperature, position away from heat sources such as radiators or fireplaces to avoid drying out the stems.

To preserve the colour of your flowers, position out of direct sunlight.

Your flowers have been preserved using natural dyes. To prevent transfer of colour, do not place in contact with fabrics or furnishings.

A humidity level of below 70% is recommended. At particularly humid times of the year the stems may leak small amounts of dye, if this happens use tissue to gently dry the stems and move them to a warm and dry location. Always protect polished or painted surfaces and soft furnishings.

Over time it may become necessary to lightly dust your flowers using a hairdryer. Always position the hairdryer at a metre distance from the flowers and use the cool setting.