The Mirrorcube, Sweden

The Mirrorcube, Sweden Treehotel is a place where dreams become a reality. A combination of incredible architecture, unique experience and sustainable, Treehotel is a collection of rooms located within the treetops of the forest adjacent to the river Lule in Sweden.

From the Mirrorcube (pictured) that creates a 360 degree vision of the forest and surrounding areas to the spaceship-shaped room where children can live their imagination, these intrinsically magical treehouses can be your home for the night. Each of the rooms are beautifully presented both inside and out, boasting the very best of Scandinavian interior design and architecture.

You can also sample some of the local delicacies from caviar of calix to reindeer, all freshly prepared to order by the owners of Treehotel.

For more information about the Mirrorcube and to book a stay at Treehotel, visit their site here.

The Mirrorcube


Words by Clare Potts. Images property of Treehotel

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