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How to Embrace the Concrete Trend

Concrete: it’s been doing the rounds for a few years now when it comes to interiors, embraced for its raw industrial finish and the fact that it’s so unexpected and unorthodox when it comes to décor – especially in the home. This trend is going nowhere in 2017 and the best part is it’s easy to incorporate – whether it’s with a full concrete wall or a small accent; here’s how to embrace the concrete trend now.

Use a Concrete Dining Table
Image property of Bo Bedre

One large, statement piece of furniture in concrete is an easy way to incorporate the trend into your home. This dining table makes a big impact, acting as the focal point of the room while also tying in with the steel, exposed brick and industrial details that surround it. Plus, it can also be covered with a tablecloth should you tire of the concrete or want to dress it for an occasion.

Have Raw Concrete Walls
Image property of Fantastic Frank

Concrete walls are one of the best ways to utilise this trend, giving rooms that industrial and unfinished edge. Use soft furnishings and neutral accessories to balance out the rawness and give it a more homely feel.

Use Polished Concrete Flooring
Image property of Lucy Marston

When it comes to flooring, it tends to be all about the floorboards, rugs and textiles, but stripping it back to basics with polished concrete creates a look that’s distinctive and unexpected. Contrasting it with painted wood panelling and antique pieces - as seen in this Suffolk farmhouse – gives it a warmer feel, and prevents it from appearing too unfinished.

Contrast with Natural Wood
Image property of Toshiyuki Yano

Concrete can appear stark if used one its own, but adding light, natural wood softens it while still tapping into the natural aesthetic. This Japanese apartment features an exposed concrete wall through the middle, with a wooden partition that turns it from cold and industrial to warm and home-friendly.

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Sarah Atkinson
Sarah Atkinson Writer and expert

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