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How to Embrace Slow Living

In an age of increased workloads, ever-evolving technology and that social requirement of constantly needing to seem 'busy', slow living seems like one of those idealistic concepts that will never really be fulfilled. But there's joy to be had in sometimes living life in the slow lane, switching off and taking the time to do those things you truly enjoy. Slow living doesn't have to mean quitting your job and setting up an organic farm somewhere; it's about making small changes to your home and routine that will evoke a sense of calm into your life.

de clutter

It goes without saying that we have a tendency to fill our homes with the unnecessary, rather than objects that serve a purpose (whether that purpose is purely form or function). Slow living means getting rid of those things that don't do anything for our homes, creating a better space for the place we can truly relax from the world. Get rid of everything you don't truly need (or like) and for everything else, start getting clever with storage and organisation.

Switch off

As in physically. So much of our time is spent in front of screens but there's no need to bring your work home with you. Use your home as a place to unwind rather than log on, and make your bedroom a 'no tech zone' to stop the urge to check emails before bed.

Spend longer with your cup of coffee

That first morning light can sometimes be the only time we spend to ourselves. Prolong the moment by taking the time to make a great cup of coffee, or forgo the teabag and learn the true art of making tea. That slow, exacting process is a therapeutic one, setting you up for the day ahead.

Opt for simplicity

Trends are great but they always lead us on to wanting the next 'in' thing. To embrace slow living, choose pieces for the home that are simple yet refined; pieces that look modern now but will age gracefully and look good forever.

Sarah Atkinson
Sarah Atkinson Writer and expert

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