A 300-Year-Old Maison in Paris

Old Maison in Paris - Kitchen

This light maison in Paris is in the historic Le Marais neighbourhood, owned by beauty editor Lucille Gauthier-Braud and her husband Charles. Built in 1650, the couple completely renovated it, knocking down walls, laying new flooring and generally breathing life into the place.

The result is a uniquely laid-out home full of light, neutral colours and calming elements. Despite its city centre location, the apartment looks like it comes straight out of the French countryside, with exposed stripped beams, antique mirrors and mismatched retro wooden furniture making up the interior. In the middle of the apartment, an industrial glass roof edged in black metal provides a contrast to this look, adding a striking graphic element. Elsewhere in this Paris maison, colour is found in the various plants and fresh flowers that are dotted around the home, adding to that feeling of a calm and natural space.

Maison in Paris - Kitchen

Maison in Paris

Maison in Paris - Kitchen Sink

Images property of Lucille Gauthier-Braud. Words by Angharad Jones

Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

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