How Hunza G has changed the swimwear game

Swimwear label Hunza G has not only become a favourite amongst celebrities and a social media sensation, but it has also maintained its essential status for over 6 summers. Worn by the likes of fashion stylists Marianne Smyth and with a recent collection in collaboration with Rosie Huntington-Whitley, we take a look at why Hunza G is so popular and why you should invest in their swimwear. 

why is hunza g so popular


The small label Hunza was originally popular through the 80s, founded by Peter Meadows it iconically featured in the film Pretty Women. They were the brand behind the famous blue and white cutout dress worn by Julia Roberts. But, 37 years later, designer Georgiana Huddart had an idea to use the fabric to create a swimwear collection. 

The mother-of-one discovered Hunza’s original stretch fabric when she was 18, studying Art History at the University of Leeds. Her fixation with this fabric continued as she began her fashion career, hunting down Hunza’s signature fabric to make into new styles. From dresses to low-rise swimsuits before she started creating samples herself.

A chance encounter with a friend of Peter Meadows at a party led to a meeting with the Hunza founder. The label hadn’t designed swimwear in 23 years, but after meeting for a coffee with a bag of samples, Hunza G was born. 

why is hunza g so popular


The crux of the matter is that Hunza G has successfully created swimwear that does exactly what it says on the tin. With its one size fits all ethos, people had their reservations but it’s true, Hunza G swimsuits are one size, one that fits and flatters everybody, no matter what their shape.  

It’s a knitted lycra and elastane combination. It’s made on a circular loom, which means it is tubular and has no seams. This is what makes it so flattering! It is like a stretchy sock that takes your best shape and hides all lumps and bumps. A few brands have tried to rip off the fabric and its never the same quality or stretch.

Another reason for the brand’s popularity is its core brand values are all in the right place. All of their swimwear is produced in the UK, the crinkle fabric is made in the Midlands before being hand-finished in London and they run on a made-to-order basis for a minimal waste, circular fashion model. 

why is hunza g so popular


With only organic marketing from the off-set, the brand has stayed true to its identity, creating an authentic internet sensation. From the likes of Hailey Bieber to Leonie Hann, their silhouette-hugging, brightly coloured swimsuits have taken over our social feeds. Navigating a global pandemic into a success story, they not only survived the holiday ban but in fact flourished. When we asked our team why they think Hunza G is so popular; versatile, flattering, and feminine were all words that sprung to mind. 

I absolutely love my Hunza G Seersucker swimsuit, it’s by far the most comfortable swimsuit I own! It molds to my body and with its comfortable material, it gives me the confidence I need when on holiday. Would 100% recommend to anybody!

Their best-selling styles include the high-waisted Seersucker bikini, the Square Neck Seersucker swimsuit, and Xandra Seersucker Bikini. All of these come in a variety of plush bright, and luxurious neutrals dependent on your style. So if you haven’t already, invest in your next swimwear from Hunza G as we can agree they are worth the hype.


Written by Holly Thompson

Holly Thompson

Holly Thompson

Writer and expert