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Just because you might not be heading somewhere exotic this year, doesn’t mean you have to stick to your everyday wardrobe on your getaway. Your staycation holiday deserves a staycation wardrobe and that’s a fact. Whether you’re exploring the stunning scenery of the Lake District or heading down to the bustling beaches of the south coast, our little island has some pretty beautiful places to visit. As we enter peak summertime you may be wondering what’s the best attire for your trip, and that’s where we come in. Take a look at the packing essentials you need for optimum staycation style. 

Women in a pink dress walking in the countryside


If you’re new to holidaying closer to home, you may be a little unsure on what to pack. You’ll be used to packing for poolside, and while this is still worth considering, a UK break will require a bit more thought. The unpredictable climates will mean layers are key so you’re never caught off guard. Here we’ll break down what to pack for each type of break.

#1 Countryside escape

If you’re thinking of heading to the hills for your staycation make sure you’re prepared. Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of city life is most definitely what the doctor ordered this year, and with a plethora of quaint cottages across the country to choose from we’re really spoilt for choice. Whether you’ll be taking leisurely strolls through the fields of flowers or hiking up Mam Tor make sure you dress for the weather as well as your style because it may be a long walk back.

A footpath in the countryside

Photo credit: Tiny Potager Via @countrylivinguk

Thatched room cottage in Warwickshire

Photocredit: Paul Smith in Warwickshire

What to pack for a countryside escape

  • Hiking boots
  • Hoodies
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Backpack
  • Portable charger
  • Trekky sandals
  • Water bottle
  • Baggy T-shirts
  • Gym leggings


#2 Coastal break

If the beach is more your thing then you’ll be packing a completely different suitcase. Typically you’ll find warmer weather nearer the southern coast of the UK so SPF and sunglasses are essential items. You’ll still want to pack your swim suits for a dip in the sea and for soaking up the rays on the beach but you’ll probably have less skin on show during the day than you would if you were in Barcelona. Here’s what we’re packing for perfect staycation style on our beach break.





What to pack on a coastal break

  • Swimsuit
  • Light shirt
  • Tote bag
  • Easy access sandals
  • Portable speaker
  • Sun lotion
  • Throw on dress
  • Shorts
  • Hoodies

#3 City Break

If you’ll be soaking up a bit of culture on a city break, you’ll likely be on your feet all day so comfort is just as important as style. The UK has a wealth of great city break destinations for varying interests. After some history? How about a trip to Edinburgh castle or the Roman Baths in Bath? Looking for galleries, fine dining or more shops than you can possibly visit? Then a trip to the capital is definitely on the cards.

An old fashion sweet shop street view


Edinburgh City Street View


What to pack for your city break

  • Light jacket
  • Knitwear
  • Selection of size bags
  • Summer dresses
  • Sneakers
  • Anti-pollution cream
  • Overshirts
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat


Words by Emma Bowkett

Featured Image Credit – @thesummermama

Emma Bowkett

Emma Bowkett

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